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Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
The objective of EIA is to determine the potential environmental, social & health effects of a proposed development. It attempts to assess the physical, biological & socioeconomic effects in a form that permits a logical and rational decision to be made. Attempts can be made to reduce or mitigate any potential adverse impacts through the identification of possible alternative sites and / or processes. Ardhmillenia personnel have participated in preparing EIA on behalf of the Department of Environment Malaysia.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
EMP is a comprehensive document, specifying all the environmental management requirements during the planning, construction and operation stage of a project. The objective of EMP is to detail out the specific environmental issues and potential impacts likely to arise from the project activities that will be undertaken. It is to determine environmental standards to be met and specific controls and mitigating measures needed to be taken, conduct baseline monitoring for water, air & noise and establish monitoring requirements, identify parties who will be responsible for the action & provide a plan to respond to emergency situation.

Environmental Management Report (EMR)
EMR is a similar document to EMP but it is only required for projects that do not require the preparation of a comprehensive EMP, due to its minor negative environmental impacts.

Environmental Management Compliance Plan (EMCP)
EMCP is a document prepared to be used during construction stage. It will detail out all the planning and programs that are to be implemented to minimize impacts and comply with authority requirements.

Environment Monitoring and Auditing Report (EMAR)
The purpose of EMAR is to ensure the proposed pollution control measures described in the EMCP & EMP are implemented effectively in controlling the significant environmental impacts. It is also to report any environmental non-compliance issues identified by site personnel during the monthly or fortnightly site audit and the action taken to rectify the issue.

Project Closure Plan (PCP)
PCP is a close up document prepared at the last phase of the Project Life Cycle. The commencement of the Project Closure Phase is determined by the completion of all Project Objectives.

Environmental Baseline Studies (EQM)
The Environmental Baseline Study focused on collating data from existing sources to establish an appropriate baseline for measuring the overall long-term construction and operational environmental impacts of a project.

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