About Us

ARDHMILLENIA S/B was incorporated in 2002, with 100% Bumiputra participation. The company is founded by two well experienced personnels, a combination of ex-government and ex-international environmental consultant. Thus, ARDHMILLENIA S/B is well acquainted with Malaysian environmental legislation, regulation, guidelines and procedures. Due to the perfect combination of experts and highly skilled personnel, the company is widely known for its well-versed knowledge in aspects that is discussed and for its well-versed knowledge in aspects that it discussed and for its very high quality of output for each project that it has undertook. Thus, due to this and some local experiences, the company has very good and close professional relationship with the Department of Environment (DOE).

ARDHMILLENIA will remain focused at all times and will deliver a service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We will continue to explore and develop innovative solutions to resolve environmental issues. We will thrive to sharpen our own skills and deepen our knowledge in environmental management, education and training. Our vision will be achieved by having a team of highly motivated and passionate staff committed to environmental improvement and the continued growth of the company.

Our Registration
– DOE – Department of Environment Malaysia (New Registration Scheme)
– NREB – Natural Resources & Environment Board Sarawak
– ENSEARCH – Environmental Management & Research Association of Malaysia